Posted by Vulpine on February 8, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Portmore, Spanish Town, New York, Miami, AH YA SO NICE.Ms. Ting, a wah dat mi a hear bout yu. Yu mek the bad gal hairdresser from Kellis Beauty Supplies pon Red Hills Road beat bad mind outta yu wid a curling iron? Mi hear say the gal beat like yu were a DUDE.

First, mi hear say Ms. Ting and her friend go up ah Red Hills Road fi try go collect money. But when Ms. Ting

friend start feisty wid the hairdresser, she run her way, and then Ms. Ting ah try buy out the argument and encourage her friend fi throw on the first blow pon the hairdresser. BUt the hairdresser ah defend herself and ah beat the gal and Ms Ting jump in and start fling lick, so the hairdresser friend jump inna it too wid her curling iron and wham wham her inna her face, mek all coco come up inna her forehead.Mi hear say when the lick dem start reach Ms. Ting now, she bawl out:"Ah me name Ms. Ting eh nuh, mi never come up ya fi inna war."

Hear the girl to her now:  "Eh? Ah yu name Ms. Ting , ah our world this and yu a pay tax inna it. Tek lick gal."Dem beat off the two ah dem and push dem outta the shop wid broom. And then Ms. Ting fling her phone offa dem and dem drop it inna toilet bowl and then fish it out and fling it back pon Ms. Ting. Dem deal wid her billias!!! The whole ah Red Hills Road ah talk bout it.Mi neva know say Ms. Ting still a buss fight wid people. Memba say a few years ago, Ms. Ting did a face charges of elonious wounding in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court after she was accused of stabbing her friend of five years in the backWhy dem people ya caan learn???


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